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Title: ZellyGo

Genre: Comedy

Format: Series Animation

Running Time: 1min30sec x 104 episodes

Target: Family

Status: release in 2017


Once a guardian angel, but now jobless ‘ZellyGo’s found the only remained jelly shop after the end of the world. They instinctively try to eat jelly, but the invincible jelly capsule is unconquerable. It seems that there is a hidden secret behind it.


To respond to the needs of busy digital users on the go, content providers are releasing more cartoons, dramas and novels short enough to be viewed in a few minutes on the media devices. ZellyGo is designed to 90 seconds animation that is as easily accessible and fast eye catching as a viewers.

The entertainment industry was quick to recognize and introduced a special category, "kidult,“ (Kid+Adult) of things market able for kids and adults alike. With a strong personalization and enthusiasm, not only kid’s but also kidult’s hobby comes from strong economic power and they don’t mind spending money on what they adore. Highlighting the market trend of increasing toy sales and successes of movies, our animation covers all ages.



He always pretends to be smart, but no better than RORO. Managing to get along with the only friend RORO, the real brains arrive in the shop hurting GOGO’s self-respect.


Naive and seems always in trouble, like a cute little brother of the house. To eat jelly, he blindly imitate something unpleasant GOGO does which causes a sympathy to help.


His self-esteem is so high that he is self-centered and never listen to others. Unbelievably stupid but presumptuous so do not believe his bluffing. Narcist who starts the day with self-decoration.


He is naturally taciturn, cares only about what happens around him. Be careful sometimes he turns upside down when he explodes. Although a quiet genius, warmth is hidden behind the brusqueness.